NARIC FRI GeoPortal’s mission and task


Our mission is to be a reliable GIS-based source of knowledge in relation with forestry issues.

Within this framework our intend to provide useful and adequate pieces of information on forestry and forest sciences for interested Readers belonging to even professional or non-professional parties.

To realise our goals we establish permanently extended services to bring closer the findings, results and conclusions of research projects conducted by NARIC FRI aiming a better understanding of forest ecosystems, forest protection and sustainable forest management.

We would like to give insights to the hot topics of forest research and global challenges of forestry concerned to national impacts. Our results may contribute to a better understanding of these issues and hopefully can give a hand to manage them.

For the above reasons the Reader can find the following topics in this site:

-          recent topics of forest research in country- and worldwide scale,

-          applied knowledge base built on the results of forest research,

-          the results of current research topics of NARIC FRI embedded to a GIS environment,

-          on-line map services for researchers, managers and visitors,

-          selected list of publications.

One of our main expectation to contribute to an efficient dissemination of research results. Moreover, to get closer forest manager, researcher, decision makers and those citizens who are thinking in a responsible way about our environment. That is why we are going to establish multi-lateral information-flow. Feedbacks from either sides are welcomed.

We believe that team work holds the key to success. This is what we keep working on.

Our services are developed and extended continuously what we offered to use at different user levels and with different content.

We make differences between user interfaces as follows:

-          visitor, or non-professional user (able to access public contents without registration and login). Popular publications, general geo-information, restricted map services.

-          professional manager user (registration and login required). Authorised users are able to access data and research results being relevant for managed forest area. Geo-processing tools and data download are also available.

-          professional research user (project specific active, contributing research fellow). Authorised user who accesses entire project area and project data including on-line data processing resources.

We do hope that our efforts will be found fruitful and our services will meet the expectations of all kind of our Users!


With kind regards,

Hungary, 2014                                                                                                                NARiC-FRI GeoPortal Team